Sowing a future of manākitanga.

Whānau is at the heart of everything we do and our
very personal approach to our family business, from the gate to the bottle.

Steve Bird Wines is a small, family-owned and
operated business built on manākitanga.
A generosity of spirit toward the land and each
other. The foundation of sharing and caring.
We are driven by a deep connectedness with
the earth and its sustainability, and an
inherent belief that of greatest importance,

is the relationships we form with each other.
Our family, our business family and you our
customers are all interwoven into our story
and that is why every bottle of our wine
carries the traditional Māori Tukutuku weave,
the ancient art of storytelling for you to
enjoy in the same spirit of manākitanga.

Steve Bird Wines

PO Box 4482
Mount Maunganui South
Mount Maunganui 3146
New Zealand

(+64) 07 927 2377
(+64) 027 478 5298